The positive and the negative sides of globalization

Even though globalization affects the world’s economies in a positive way, its negative side shouldn’t be forgotten. Discuss. In the present age, globalization is playing an increasingly necessary role in our lives. But in the meantime whether it’s a blessing or a curse has sparked a heated debate.

Some people argue that globalization has a fundamentally favourable influence on our lives, while many others contend that it’s a harmful effect as well. A convincing argument can be made about globalization not only playing a pivotal role in the development of technology and economy, but also promoting the cultural exchange between different countries.

To start with, it’s the globalization that impelled many corporate to become international groups, thereby making a contribution to the local technology and employment. Specifically, when a multinational grouping set up a factory in a developing country, the new equipment, the new management skills and the work vacancies are all in the best interest of the local society.

Moreover, people worldwide can obtain to know each other better through globalization. It’s simple to look that more and more Hollywood blockbusters indicate cultures different American, some recent examples are ‘Kungfu Panda’ and ‘The Mummy’. Admittedly, the profit driven side of globalization has severely affected youthful people. Today, in the metropolises in different countries, 

it’s very common to look teenagers wearing NIKE T-shirts and Adidas footwear, playing Hip-Hop music on Apple iPods and eating at KFC. The culture that took a thousand years to form just seems similar in these cities; it seems as though you can only distinguish them by their language. Meanwhile, in some developing countries, sweat workshops are always a concerning issue. For instance, reports indicate that some teenagers employed by NIKE’s contractors work in smelly factories over fourteen hours a day, but are only paid fifty cents per hour. To sum up, I’d concede that globalization does arrive with some adverse effects.

Despite that fact, benefits d by it distant outweigh the disadvantages. Overall, I’m convinced that we should further promote globalization and meanwhile the local government should get measures to combat culture assimilation and sweat workshops