IB Application Essay Sample

After Since | was young, I’ve always appreciated a challenge.

Maybe it came with growing up in a hohold with two older brothers, in which everything always turned out to be a competition. Due to a challenge my oldest brother, | started developing my interest in science and research. 

He’d dared me to attempt and capture a firefly and hold it alive, and this led me to conduct a week of research on the biology of fireflies and other insects before | was prepared to indicate him the results. Not one to back down a challenge that would create me better, | hope to be able to be accepted to the International Baccalaureate program, which will assistance me further expand and sharpen my academic skills. Becoming a Scientist in the future has always been my dream goal.

My older brothers have shown me the importance of not only facing life’s challenges with bravery and determination, but also have shown me that | have to work for what | wish in life. This IB program will authorize me to accrue valuable college credits, which won’t only prepare me for the rigors of college work, but will also authorize me to ease the financial burden of college for my parents by using test credits in lieu of introductory coursework. As an honors student who’s never shied away tough work, | know that the IB program will present new challenges for me to face, and | see forward to growing through the opportunities provided.

This program will give me the opportunity to thrust myself harder at an academic and personal level, | will be exposed to concepts as well as study techniques at an advanced level. In addition to the college credit, the discipline and interpersonal skills | will gain this program will be invaluable to me in the future as | progress onto college and beyond.