Matter Legion people believe that reducing speed limits is the chic option for road safety advancement( agree/ differ) .

Legion people believe that reducing speed limits is the chic option for road safety advancement. Do
you allow there are other measures that could be put in place? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?
One of the most conspicuous trends of moment ’s world is a colossal billow in the number of comparable vehicle
accidents as buses, commutations and cars, all over the world, be it in impoverished or forward nations. There’s a
wide range of factors that count for why this is coming. In my opinion, this situation could be remedied, fed some
effective measures are taken. Measures to deal with this soaring concern are legion; the most significant bones aren’t
remote or complicated but accessible and practicable. The primary one lies in the fact that governments should take a
concern carriage and apply exacting rules and regulations to lower the speed limit. Secondly, using the electronic
bone while driving should be barred by law. Ultimately, an cognizance program could be initiated by entities to
educate the public about the damning gear of unsafe roads and the projected advances for road safety. Only when
overlapping expenditures from all sectors are guaranteed, can we await to see considerable progress in attacking this
problem . There’s a deluge of excellences for enactment of reduced speed limits. High speed is likely to exact life
menacing peril on people crossing the roads, due to the menacing nature of this parlous speed with peril being an
integral part of it. Not only does reducing the speed limits contribute to downscaling diurnal accidents, but it also
raises the standard of driving. Nonessential to say, all these advantages have a far­ reaching impact on alpinist safety.
There are, notwithstanding, some menaces that can freely overpower the implicit benefits of limiting speed. The
primary one stems from the fact that decelerating the speed could lead to adding the day­to­day business hours.
Further, it could also delay delivering sick and severe cases to hospitals. Hence, it’s apparent why some beings are
against changing the standardized degree of speed. From what has been agitated, one can conclude that despite the
debits of reducing speed limits, the anticipated benefits of this measure are indeed far major