The development of technology cas traditional skills to die out, consent or disagree?

When a country develops its technology, the traditional skills and ways of life die out. It’s pointless to attempt and hold them alive.To what extent do you consent or dispute with this opinion? Nowadays, technological advances and their rapid and wide applications are having a significant impact on a nation’s traditional skills and ways of life. Some argue that such impact is so extraordinary that it’d create conventional skills and life styles obsolete.

However, I believe they’d continue to prosper by providing alternatives to modern ways of life, and innovative ideas for modern technologies. First of all, traditional skills and ways of life are becoming an alternative solution to the problems cad by “mainstreamed” ways of life which are greatly influenced by modern technologies. For instance, a cozy restaurant traditional, home-brewed beer is served, offers another experience to people who are bored with branded beers that have the same flavor and arrive out of mass production with new technologies. It’s in such a venue traditional skills are preserved, people become relaxed and educated.

Providing variety and thus enriching modern ways of life, such traditional skills and ways of life would continue to have their place. Furthermore, conventional skills allow innovative ideas to the development of modern technologies. For example, sparkled by how the word “Love” is traditionally knitted into a sweater by some ethnic minority women in some parts of Asia, some business managers textile industry have developed some production lines by applying the traditional skills to Computer-Aided Designs (CAD).

The products have boosted the companies’ sales which in turn have increased their investment in preserving traditional skills for further developing their technologies. To conclude, traditional skills and life styles are increasingly becoming a ful alternative to the homogeneity brought by global applications of modern technologies. However, the evolution of technologies is a ion process, by some would become obsolete, but there is number doubt that some would prosper when their roles are appreciated.