Schools should students by their academic abilities, consent or disagree?

Some people think that schools should students according to their academic abilities, while others believe that it’s better to have students with different abilities studying together. Discuss both views and state your own opinion. Some people contend that mixed skill classes are more favourable for children’s development than streaming them on the basis of judgement about their academic abilities.

However, my perspective, I dispute with this contention. Admittedly, mixed skill classes allow a better environment for children’s all-round development. In such classes, children with different abilities study together and in turn they can learn one another. example, a student, who’s excellent at academic study but feeble in dancing or painting, can memorise how to dance or paint form his peers. In this sense, mixed skill classes authorize students to expand their abilities in different subjects instead of only academic abilities.

Despite the argument above, I believe streaming students brings more benefits to teachers and students. As for teachers, separating children with better academic abilities others facilitates effective teaching. This practice helps teachers to control their students more conveniently and easily. Compared with mixed skill in which instructor should consider students’ differences when they’re using teaching methodologies, streaming makes this situation simpler. To be more specific, students are at the same level of academic skill in a class, and in turn teachers can the same methodologies for them all. In this way, the narrower the spread of skill in the class, the more convenient the teaching can be.  On top of this, steaming enables students to memorise in an effective way. According to students’ different abilities, they’re taught in different ways that are more sui for them. In the top streams, students more challenging materials, therefore, they can memorise more. In sharp contrast, teachers can clarify the material more slowly to those in bottom streams. Below this circumstance, students with different academic abilities can study effectively and efficiently. In the final analysis, mixed skill classes are favourable for students’ versatile development, but in my opinion, segregating students based on different academic skill is better for both teachers and students