Ars Essay Sample

Introduetion ‘Suealism as a concept was boing considered as early as World War | and by one thousand eight hundred ninety contos of academia including Oxford and Cambridge were advocating tis new wave of ‘utuist arse thiking.

The 1890 periodical Tanson published in Par desiated a considerable quantity of press heralsing the sigiieance of the Cambridge avan.gade publication, the Experinon, whose contibutons were considered invaluable nt only not ‘only in terms of strengthening attic relations between France and England, bt aso with ‘nroducing seston nto England (Jackaman, one hundred ninety-eight thousand eight hundred twenty-five).

But is was the French water and poet Andre Breton who lad the Sureait revolution, Belovng that rater than lake om the extemal wor, aft shoul be dedicate to “interna representation’ and unconscious 2c (Le one thousand nine hundred eighty-six seven).

Surreal cory apples the writings of twentieth cent protagonists ‘such nine Sigmund Freud and Kat Mars, relating to the process of personal ansormation to fuer realize and syrthesze areas relating tothe conscous and unconscious ‘mind, santy and madness, dream and realty and past, present and future (Leste, 2002 141), ‘There as been some debate about the extent to which Sure sm highighted gender <émamics and the rejection of femininity and female identiy (Adamowicz two thousand eight seventy-one). In ‘male suealst at fm body imagary is ofen over emphasise by male members ofthe movement which is fequertlyciised by contemporary feminists. In partclar three female aris associated wih Surealit at incuding the painter Leonora Carington the liter Gisele Prassinos and the poot Joyce Mansour are synonymous wit reacting _29ainst his male dominant expression of fraleimagary(Caws ot a nineteen thousand nine hundred eighteen)