Example Research Paper

The following paper is an example research paper which you can as a model for your research paper. Your paper should comprise more details and go more in-depth about your topic, but this paper shows the common outline you should follow. Pay attention to the facts that are cited using in-text citations. Recollect to keep information that’s word-for-word in quotes. Ideas that are an author but keep into your words also necessity to be cited but not keep in quotes.

Please recollect you can always ask Miss Maze for assistance! Research Paper Introduction Paragraph Example Attention Grabber: Have you ever wanted to play a sport that’s quick and requires a lot of skill? Have you ever wanted a competitive game that involves a lot of endurance? If you have, then lacrosse is a grand sport for you. Supporting Sentences: John Doe says, “Lacrosse is a game of thrills and excitement.

There is always something entertaining going on” (Doe forty-four). This sport always has thrilling action going on, which makes playing that much more enjoyable. “Playing lacrosse always boosts my mood. It gets my mind concentrating, and my body gets pushed to the limit” (Smith forty-five).

 Thesis Sentence: Lacrosse is a grand game beca of the game’s speed, the aerobic endurance needed by the players, and the game strategies involved. Research Paper First Body Paragraph Example Transition Sentence: To begin, lacrosse is a wonderful game due to the speed of the game. Supporting Sentences: John Doe says, “The game of lacrosse can modify in the blink of an eye, one shot to one rescue to one interception” (Doe forty-four). This sport always has incredible passes and quick game play. “Playing lacrosse means always being in the game: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

If you let down for one second, you could ruin the whole game” (Smith forty-five). Some lacrosse players can shoot the ball at incredible speeds, and some players are incredibly quick. Bob Jones says, “Lacrosse is such an incredible sport. It’s nearly love a combination of hockey and soccer.