Essay, topic: Many believe that international tourism is bad for their country (reasons and solutions)

Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their countries. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to change this negative attitude towards international tourism?

Many individuals think that foreign tourism brings negative effects to their countries. There are several reasons for such negative attitude towards international travelers. However, a couple of solutions could be adopted to handle this situation, as will now be discussed.

International tourists are often criticized for their contribution to the environmental degradation. It has continuously been noticed that they throw rubbish in their surroundings irresponsibly, which increases the amount of litter everywhere, despite all attempts to reduce waste produced by the local community. This contributes to water, air and soil contamination.

Furthermore, foreign tourism has a harmful influence on traditional customs and indigenous practices of host countries because many tourists are careless and insensitive about the emotions and feelings of local residents. For instance, in India, some foreign travelers wear inappropriate clothes or expose too much of skin when they visit sacred places, which leads to some negative attitude and irritation in the local public.

However, this situation can be improved adopting different solutions which could be handled by the government. The government should explain the benefits of international tourism which contributes to the development of local residents. They not only spend money in shops and restaurants but also create jobs in service industries, and this aspect could be publicized. Additionally, the government should increase the awareness among the foreigners through different media such as roadside billboards and advertisements, and tourists should be encouraged to get rid of rubbish correctly. In conclusion, the inhospitable feeling that the local people have for international tourists can be explained in many ways. However, in my opinion, the government’s involvement is essential to change the negative attitude by citing various advantages of international tourism to their country and raising awareness among tourists in order to protect local habitats