Gretchen Bernabei’s 11-minute Essay


Expand a starting point prompt. This could be a statement such as: “We can memorise lessons the people around us. They frequently demonstrate how to be honorable, loyal, and brave.” Pictures create outstanding prompts, such as this picture of a soldier working with an


Brainstorm and write for one min to reply the question “what does this mean?” The writer will be interpreting the statement or the picture in terms of his own information and experiences. A response to the picture of the soldier and the cobra would be: Pay attention to the things that can murder you. God knows there’s plenty of mindless diversion in the world, but some things are important.


Brainstorm and write for three minutes answering the question “how do you know that’s true?” Think of one book or legend in print that proves that. When you’ve a title in mind, write about how the book’story supports the idea stated in the first paragraph. An example is In Reluctant Warrior, the soldiers in Viet Nam had to memorise the importance of paying attention to the sound of large incoming anillery. The eight-inch shells that pounded the valley below them could toss fatal shrapnel long distances and keep them in danger.


Brainstorm and write for three minutes about a film that also proves the idea. the name of the film as you write about it. An example is’ A film parallel would be “Vertical Limit,” the climbers on a rescue mission on K2 had to always be focd on the weather and how it could impact their safe STEP FIVE Brainstorm and write for three minutes about how the idea has been proven true in your life experiences. An example is: In my life, this truism was illustrated the day I walked below the slide on my elementary school playground. It’d have been helpful if I’d paid attention to the kid about to a large rock off the top of the slide. At minimum I could’ve spared myself a fractured skull.