Topic: Some people feel that children should leave the family home as soon as possible, while others feel that they should stay there as long as they want (discuss)

Some people feel that it is best encourage the children to leave their family home as soon as possible. Others believe that children should stay in the family home for as long as they want. Discuss both points of view and give your own opinion.

Sample Essay

While some may find it beneficial to young people to leave their family home at an early age, others believe that it is better if the children stay with their families longer. In my opinion, I believe that leaving the family home early has many benefits for children.

On the one hand. Some people think that adolescents should leave their parental home to acquire life skills at an early age. They argue that this should push young people towards independence and force them to learn from life, and not just rely on their parents. For example, students looking to pursue higher education away from their hometown can learn to take personal responsibility. In addition, living independently will teach children a lot, creating some difficulties, which therefore add some experience that may be important in their future life.

On the other hand, it is argued that children should stay with them. their parents last longer for several reasons. First, young people need adult advice and no one is better suited for this than their parents.Second, life in general can be harsh, especially for children. In other words, they may face dangers or take unnecessary risks if they mingle with the wrong crowd. It is common knowledge that young people are easily seduced by unethical people. To avoid this, it is extremely important for children to be supervised by their parents.

To summarize, although opinions may vary, I believe that young people should leave their family home at an early age, while parents should advise them and monitor their well-being.