Topic: Many people support testing on animals, while others feel it is impractical (to discuss)

Many people support the use of animals to test drugs for humans. Others believe that using animals for such experiments is inappropriate. Discuss both points of view and give your own opinion.

Sample Essay

Approving drugs for human use is a tedious process that involves a series of frequently performed tests for animals. Some people support this idea because it makes drugs safer for people to use, others think it is unethical practice. Personally, I support the idea that drugs should be tested in all possible scenarios before they are published.

Opponents of animal experiments argue that animals have the same rights as humans, because that they are the result of the same evolutionary process that brought humans into being. Infecting them with viruses and exposing them to bacteria to create a favorable environment for testing a chemical can cause excruciating pain in these laboratory animals. Any failed test could mean that the subject is either losing their precious life or suffering for the rest of their life, and it is understandable that some people oppose what they consider to be immoral practices.

However, if a drug enters the body. market without rigorous end-to-end testing, it can do serious damage to anyone who might consume it.Every day people ruthlessly kill large numbers of animals for their flesh and skin. There is not much difference between killing an animal for food and sacrificing its life to check its chemical composition, because both actions help humanity to survive. What’s more, the life of one animal tested on the life-saving drug could help many people survive. This is why many people believe that testing drugs on animals is a matter of survival.

To summarize, there are good reasons why animal testing seems cruel, unacceptable and vital to some. In my opinion, even if the animals being tested may be harmed, this is a necessary step to ensure the healing power of the drug.