Why I Want To Be a Teacher — Full Admission Essay

In short, a teacher is called a person who provides information or training for someone. But for each person the image of a teacher will be different. In my opinion a teacher is nice, warm hearted, well-minded and enduring person. When I suppose a teacher, in my imagination arises an image of a personality, who is locating at the school desk and supporting pupil in solving tasks. In my mind my skills and life experience allow me to be a teacher.

I suppose that the profession of a teacher should be based on my own life experience.  As for most people, my first teachers were my parents. When a child grows up, he learns many skills, but then does not remember how he studied them. For example, how to walk, talk, love.

Nevertheless I still remember some of the things that my parents taught me. It is worth adding that the teaching methods of my parents are completely different.